The arts have been a cornerstone in my life since I was a kid and has obviously carried through to my professional life. Unfortunately the current administration continually proposes to eliminate all funding for the National Endowment for the Arts every year. The arts are more than just our occupation. I believe they are a necessary form of expression and absolutely essential to the development of future generations. Imagine not having books, music, or educational programming growing up. Eliminating funding for the National Endowment for the Arts would be devastating and it’s important to fight for it’s livelihood.

Because of this, I proudly sit on the board of The Creative Coalition’s “Young Hollywood” group and actively work to support the organizations initiatives.

CEO Robin Bronk, President Tim Daly, Board Members Sam Daly, Nick Buzzell, & myself

About the organization
The Creative Coalition was founded with the mission of protecting federal funding for the arts and access to the arts for all Americans. It is a non-profit non-partisan organization founded by prominent members of the arts and entertainment community who believe it is our responsibility to use our unique voice to educate and inspire our audiences to mobilize around issues of public importance… primarily arts advocacy and public arts education. It is our mission to promote, protect and defend the arts as a basic human need.

Additionally, The Creative Coalition works to support various causes championed by its members. This is accomplished through a variety of fundraising initiatives each year.

Interested in learning more or joining the cause? Feel free to reach out to chat!