“Viceroy New York redefines midtown by combining the pulse of the city’s heart with the cosmopolitan spirit of uptown, providing guests with exceptional New York City views, superbly tailored accommodations and distinctive service.”

This piece represents the launch of the worldwide branding campaign “I am Viceroy” for the luxury hotel chain. My vision was to communicate a high-end, high fashion feel, designing every shot to look like it was pulled from a fashion magazine.

Instead of creating a traditional hotel promotion video, we created a “fashion film” that took place within the hotel space. While traditional hotel commercials focus on amenities and location, this one focuses on a lifestyle. The Viceroy in Manhattan channels the classic style of old New York. A mixture of old and new, it creates a timeless feel. Like a duet between Frank Sinatra and Jay-Z, this short film represents the success of the past and all the promise of today.